Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Berlin
Refurbishment house 1.1 including the towers 1.4 and 1.6
Topping out ceremony at 22 June 2017

The complete restoration of the ward building from 1982 and the listed towers of 1853 concluded among other things: refurbishment of the façade, the modernization of interior design as well as intervention in the primary construction for two new stairwell houses.

Team: Christian Pelzeter (Partner in charge), Tobias Buschbeck, Sabine Donke, Silvia Forster-Golm, Lisa Jäger, Sabine Kuhn, Irina Rolser, Annett Schneider, Christoph Seibt, Julian Telger, Andrea Trachbrodt, Jens Urhahn, Lisa Walter, Anja Weinreich



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